Learning Yoga!

I don’t do reviews, but since I am going on this journey of health in all manners of my life I am exploring many ideas and concepts. One of them is doing some form of exercise that does not leave me gasping for air or causing me more pain than what a healthy person can handle. I admit, I love watching Bob, Dolvet, and Anna work with the contestants, inspiring them with their hard nose approach and you know what, sometimes I need that too. Maybe not at this precise moment, but when I finally know what is attacking my body, where the biopsies, surgeries, and all the rigamarole of this exhausting experience of being ill finally has an answer that I can map out a concise plan and not feel like I am running in the wind then I will allow myself to be prodded by a personal trainer, until then I am on my own. I am not really on my own, because I have been putting out the vibe that I am up for suggestions, ideas, and things that will work. One thing that I found and I spent 3 hours watching today, because it was a DVD set of Yoga, and while I am watching it, I think hey I can do some of these poses even in my current condition. The breathing exercises fascinate me, since that is one area that is currently affected. Right now, as I am sitting typing this post out, I am suffering from serious inflammation in my throat area. I feel like I have heart burn all the time, where even drinking a glass of water, eating anything and it anything that goes down hurts like crazy. I want to lose weight, I want to stay on my 1500 calorie eating plan, but this is not the way I envisioned I would have to do it. I  have now in my possession a DVD of Yoga by Linda Arkin: The complete Set, which includes 3 of her VHS exercise tapes, but on one DVD. I didn’t work out to it, I watched it intently, because that is just what I do before I even attempt to try any of the exercises they perform. While I watched, I liked her demeanor, the information she gave while striking a pose, and the reasons why deep breathing is vital and important. Some of the information was new to me, some things I was reminded about, all good information that I need to keep my mind, body, and soul uplifted as I carry on. I am looking forward to trying one of the exercises tomorrow morning when I rise and start putting it to good use in my daily routine. I am well aware that good nutrition and exercise are vital to any healthy life pattern and now that I have Robin, my fabulous nutritionist, who inspires me, who gives me wonderful tips, and who loves Italy as much as I do, that I can do one more thing while I am waiting patiently, but impatiently for doctor calls and results that seem to bring up more questions than they do answer. I will admit that I a feeling rather pathetic tonight, but despite this mood, I am looking towards God to guide me down my healing path in nutrition and exercise and I believe that I am going to enjoy Linda Arkin’s DVD as part of my plan. 

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  1. Keep it up lady! You are doing fantastic. I admire your tenacity!

    • Jamie Holloway says:

      Thank you, I am working on it, though some days I do want to crawl into bed and eat a big bowl of ice cream!

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