Pancakes Anyone!

My amazing big sister, Carri, bought me a set of three saute pans from Telafon. I have large, medium, and small, so awesome. Thank you, Carri! Saturday, I seasoned the pans by rubbing olive oil in them and warming them on the burner for 3 minutes and then letting them cool and then washing them. I made pancakes in the middle size pan. When you have the correctly seasoned pans they make any turn delicious. I have not made pancakes in a long time, I don’t do it that often. I have always had trouble with the browning them perfectly, they usually look like some kind of mush, edible, but they don’t look appetizing at all. Now, I know that I did not have great pans. I love these pans, I am going to take care of these pans. I want more tools for my kitchen and I am going to enjoy making recipes in these pans towards my┬ánutrition goals.



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