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New Tools Are Blessings


I got some new tools to help aide me on my journey to recovering my health. Tuesday morning I got a new blood sugar monitor in pink, my favorite color.  The other tool is a planner where I can start keeping track efficiently of my sugar levels, what I am eating, school assignments and doctor appointments.

Monday I got news that I will be going through Infuxan treatments, going in for an IV once a week and I got put on 60 MG of Predisone to help my body with the inflammation. On top of all that I will now being taking Fosomax to prevent Osteoporosis. So I will be adding a calcium supplement after my bone density test on November 22. I am now expecting a phone call from the University Of Washington to go up there to see their specialist because Dr. Park wants a second opinion and help in treating me. I like this idea a lot. The more information the better. Since limited Wegener’s is a rare disease, they have more expertise than the doctors here in Vancouver. Tuesday I saw Robin my fabulous nutritionist and she aided me with the new blood sugar monitor, because Predisone makes your blood sugars go up and I need to keep track of it so that if I need insulin I can get that started right away. I learned a lot from this visit about how to boost my immune system with nutrition while I am taking in all of these poisons in my system.  I am now armed with a list of the super foods to help me on my journey. Thank you Robin.




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