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Getting Back To The Grind

The list I received from my nutritionist Robin with the inflammation fighting foods on it. I love having this list and I am hoping to get back to eating this way and using the ingredients that I bought soon. Recently, I have strayed because it takes a lot of hard work to cook from scratch. I got home from the hospital feeling like I got beaten up and though I have not eaten a lot of junk food, it isn’t the inflammation fighting foods that my body needs. One of my goals for 2012 is coming up with new recipes and ideas to use in aiding me on this quest.

A picture of the black rice, wild rice mixture. I am not a huge rice fan and so finding recipes of that use this nutritious food will be a goal of mine. I did make a stir fry, with the bok choy cabbage and cooking the rice in flavorful broth. It was yummy. I will make more of that dish.

Yes, I know, hard to believe onions are an inflammation fighting vegetable, but they are. Any of them are, my favorites are the sweets or the red onion, but I happen to have a regular onion in my pantry.

Lentils, I love lentils. I love beans. They are so good for you and so easy to make delicious meals out of. In fact, they are a core ingredient in my Italian Lentil Soup recipe.

Pinto Beans, I will just repeat I love beans. I will be getting different varieties of beans for my pantry. I love them, they are cheap, they are easy to fix and they aide in inflammation reduction.

I love the brand Pacific Pride. They are organic and free range in the broths and organic in their almond milk. Free range, doesn’t have all those chemicals in them that cause inflammation, so that is why I go this route. Pacific Pride is not that expensive and is affordable to me on my tight food budget.

Local honey, yes, I bought some. I love to have it on hand for my tea. I don’t use it a lot, so this small jar will last me a long time.

Ground flax seed helps with inflammation and is on my list of things to eat. I make a great oatmeal with a cut up apple, cinnamon, flax seed and almond milk. I cook the fresh apple in with the oatmeal and it is just like eat fresh applesauce, so yummy.

Broccoli, an inflammation reducing vegetable, not only that chalk full of iron. I love broccoli and this will be a vegetable in my fridge all the time.

I am not a huge fan of cauliflower. Since it reduces inflammation I will be giving it another shot. I will be research recipes that use this ingredient.

Avocado, I smash this up and use it as my sandwich spread instead of mayo, thanks to Robin my fabulous nutritionist for the great tip. Mayo is a waste and you can get the healthy fat with this alternative.

Tomatoes, another food that helps with inflammation. I love tomatoes. I enjoy them a lot.

All I can think about with the Brussels sprouts is steamed with garlic and butter. All I can say is yummy.

A small view into my food pantry of what I will be eating in the coming new year.

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