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Healing The Hardware Of The Soul

Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s book “Healing The Hardware Of The Soul” caught my attention while I was browsing through book titles in one of my catalogs that I get in the mail. My sister Carri and I have been talking about him for years, we both are fascinated with the brain, psychology, and all the things that make up our brains. Dr. Amen is an expert brain doctor and I love how he writes, tells stories, uses his information for God and to aide people in discovering why they behave as they do, why things are happening and even how to change their chemistry of their brain. I love books that offer tools in aiding altering someone’s life for the better.
The first book I read of Amen’s was “The Amen Solution” his newest one about changing your eating patterns. I had heard of him before I read him, only because my sister Carri speaking highly of him and having him in many of her course studies. She is going towards completely her education and I am so proud of her for doing that. She has been sharing what she’s been learning with me for a long time, that is one of the aspects of our sisterly bond that I love, sharing of knowledge and information with each other and the respect and love we show each other.
“In order for your soul to work right, you must be able to experience emotional and spiritual growth. In addition, it is essential to stay connected to others. We are relational species, and we need to give and receive love in order to feel complete. When the anterior cingulate gyrus and basal ganglia work well, we are able to be flexible, forgive past wrongs, and open ourselves to growth in new ways. When these parts of the brain do not work well, we end up stagnant, isolated, stuck in negativity, alone, and disconnected from those who give our lives meaning.” Daniel Amen
I am thankful that this part of my brain is healthy and in the last year and half I have been able to forgive, remain flexible, connect with my family, bond with my family, friends, and doctors in order to get my body on the right track from the limited Wegener’s disease that I have.

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