My Wish List:

A few items that are on my wish list. Things I need to make my life easier and manageable. I am sure my list will grow in during the 2012 year.

I want a pedicure. Have my feet soak in some warm water, have someone put lotion on my feet, paint my toe nails.

I want a desk to set my lap top on, so I can do my school work. I would set it up in my living room.

Yes, I want a red love seat. This one to be exact would be perfect. The couch I have now is heavy, uncomfortable, and huge. I have a small one bedroom apartment and I would love this for my guests to sit on and enjoy visiting with me.

I want a dutch oven for my cooking projects.

A bigger bookcase for my growing book, DVD, and CD collection.

I need more light. Yes, I do. My apartment doesn’t come with ceiling lights in the bedroom or living room, so I need lamps to brighten my place up.

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