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Old Fashioned Popcorn


Yesterday my sister Carri and I went to Gateway Produce here in Vancouver Washington after we went to pick up my CT Scan pictures so that I can take it to the surgeon on Monday at the University of Washington. If you guess that I will be under going surgery again, you guessed correctly, but that is for another post which I will write about after Monday. Suffice to say I am prepared for the adventure up north. My shopping excursion with my sister became fruitful when I found an old fashion hand crank pop corn popper with different types of corn to pop. I have always admired the old movies where you see women using this device and stringing long lines of pop corn to put on the Christmas tree and just sitting around a fire place giggling with their family and friends and I have always wanted one. Now I have one in my possession, I have not used it, because I had a disaster. I was woken up this morning by a load knock on my door from the maintenance men for my apartment building. Apparently there was a clog that was causing some flooding in my apartment and my neighbors apartment next door. So my kitchen is a big mess, I have a giant box fan blowing under my kitchen sink. It will take a couple of days and then I can clean up the mess. I will be needing some help and if you are willing and able and live near by let me know. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount. My popcorn adventure will have to wait until after the mess is cleaned up and to top it off I got the 70th Anniversary Edition of Dumbo. I love Dumbo, I have fond memories of my sister Vickie and I watching it together when she was a teenager and I was a little girl. She loves elephants and this was one of her favorite movies. Mine too, and I am glad that I have it in my collection. Now when she comes to visit me, we can enjoy it together again. As for the popcorn, I will now be able to control the ingredients and flavors I use when I am popping my corn. I am not a huge fan of microwave popcorn. It doesn’t seem to pop all the way for me, has a ton of salt and even the fat free popcorn tastes like cardboard to me, not enjoyable at all. I am looking forward to the treat of making my own popcorn and doing it the old fashion way and possibly sharing the experience with my family and friends. We can have a movie night and watch Dumbo.








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