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Songs That Touch Me

I love music, I do not play an instrument, but I do know how to play CD’s, DVD’s, LP’s, tapes, 8 track tapes, and even MP3. I do have a great appreciation of the talent it takes to not only come up with all the elements that make a song work. I am in awe with how it touches my spirit, lift me up high, or gives me that one extra charge I need to take the next step that I need to. I am going to share with you four of the CD’s that I have been listening to for the last couple of days while being home.

The first CD I have been listening to is Celtic Woman “Songs From The Heart”. Their rendition of Amazing Grace is soul lifting. The song that touched me the most and one I will keep playing over and over again is “Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears”. Here is a sample of the lyric to the song that truly touched me the most.

isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears,
isle Of Freedom, Isle Of Fears,
but It’s Not The Isle You Left Behind.
that Isle Of Hunger, Isle Of Pain,
isle You’ll Never See Again
but The Isle Of Home Is Always On Your Mind.

in A Little Bag She Carried

all Her Past And History,
and Her Dreams For The Future
in The Land Of Liberty.
and Courage Is The Passport
when Your Old World Disappears
but There’s No Future In The Past

The next CD that I have been listening to is”

What lady doesn’t love Kelly, I know this lady does. This is Kelly’s newest album and I have to admit I am enjoying all the songs, but only a few have truly touched my heart.
The first song that touched my heart What Doesn’t Kill You. Here is a lyric from the song
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone
What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter

The other song that touched me is The Sun Will Rise. The part that touched is I’ve been in stuck in a storm before
Felt the wind raging at my door
Couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, Couldn’t find a way out

Somehow my clouds disappeared, Somehow I made it here
Maybe just so you could hear me say

The sun will riiisee
The sun will riiisee (The sun will rise)
When you’ve lost your lights
The sun will riiisee

Adele, I love her. I love her talent as a song writer and her voice, is outstanding. The songs that touched me are Someone Like You and Rolling In The Deep, but all the songs on her album are amazing.

I love Stevie Nicks. Her howling at the moon voice, her lyrics, the way she writes, performs, reflects on life just gives my heart a jolt of courage just when I need it. This CD is her newest one, In Your Dreams and I was not disappointed. The song that touches the tender spot in my heart is You May Be The One. You may be the one
but you’ll never be the one
You think you’ll understand
but you don’t understand
You may be my love
but you’ll never be my love
You may take my hand
You who demand so much
And then there was the kiss
Right out there in the universe
How did that happen?
No, it could not have been worse
You forgot yourself
It could not have been worse
It broke my heart
It broke my heart

I used to love you
See the light inside of you
I used to dream that
You were an angel
You were an angel
And I was a starving child

As I have stated before, I love music. I am finding myself turning to it when I need to relax, or need a jolt of courage that I wouldn’t have had without it. Check out these songs and such and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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