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Essay Of The Heart

I had an assignment this week in my health and wellness class to take an assessment test and then write a 500 word essay on it. I went over the 500 words. My essay is below:

I chose to take an assessment test on the universities life resource center. I took an assessment on heart disease.
Heart disease involves your heart and the veins that surround the heart. Heart attacks, angina, and high blood pressure are a part of heart disease. Taking this assessment I discovered that I am at high risk for having a heart attack, even though I am doing some things in favor for my health.
Heart disease is the narrowing of the veins that supplies blood to the heart in order for it to work properly. Plaque builds up and causes someone to have a heart attack and sometimes they will die from the experience. The buildup of plaque in the arteries causes the blood flow to be restricted and therefore the heart will slow down or stop beating, which is when a heart attack occurs. Since I have a disease called Limited Wegener’s, my risk of having this occur is greater than most women in my age range. I am 37 years old and I am already compromised with this disease and also with diabetes. I have been able to control my blood sugars which will help me to recover from such an experience, if it occurs. Some risk factors for heart disease that I cannot change is age, your risk for heart disease increases as you get older. Also your gender and race are a risk factor, thankfully I am not a male, because males are at a higher risk than women.
I am already doing many things correctly, such as eating fish a couple of times a week and abstaining from smoking and drinking alcohol. Things that I can do better when I am allowed to is exercise, which includes cardio type of exercise, like aerobics or something that gets my heart rate up to a safe number a few times a week, plus including weight bearing exercises to build up the muscle of my heart. Another thing I can do to make my risk less is to include more vegetables into my diet. I also need to lose weight in order to reduce my risk also, which is a challenge due to the limited Wegeners and breathing through a trach at the moment and my bodies ability to become inflamed easily and swell up which can affect that heart. I am working on reducing my risks for many things and I have maintained my blood sugars, and I am in the process of getting the inflammation in my body under control through medications. I am hoping that this year I will be able to get further on the path to being healthier, so I do not have a heart attack or any other things pop up that can when you are not taking care of yourself. I read that depression or negative attitude can increase your risk for heart disease and I am in the set of mind to believe this, simply because, when you are in the oh woe is me frame of mind things get much worse and if you stay positive and maintain some sort of normal after suffering from an illness than you ability to fight off disease is great. I have experienced this in my own journey and I believe that this is true.

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