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Let’s Get Physical.

Physical activity, what images play in your mind when you think of those two words? Physical activity consist of moving, it can be a work out such as weights, walking, swimming, and even doing house hold chores. Can you tell that I have been thinking a lot about this? For the past couple of years I have been non-mobile due to the fact that the vital part of what makes physical activity happen “OXYGEN” was compromised. I am sure you have read about my disease and how it has affected my throat and how I am breathing through a contraption that is similar to breathing through a straw and so forth, so I am not going to mention that. This is not what this post is about, this is about getting my butt moving again. I have been yearning, aching, and complaining about this for two years straight and now I have my chance, even if I have to wear this stupid pole in my throat. The funny correlation is that this week in my Health and Wellness class that I have to take towards my degree in Psychology is about physical fitness. Right now, I am snail, I have to move slow in order for my body to build up endurance. That means I have to test my heart rate and my oxygen levels because of my illness and my breathing issues. So I purchased an oxygen meter similar to this picture.

It does both things that I want it to, measure my heart rate, so I can make sure it doesn’t go above 110. Just walking the small trek to the garbage room or laundry room or mailbox gets my heartbeat up to 130 beats a minute, which means the exercise I am doing is not doing any good at all. In fact, it is damaging my body. Why don’t personal trainers ever tell you things like that? Do they even know things like that? I have never had one before, but watching Bob Harper and the way they push and make them move faster just doesn’t seem they know it. I love Bob Harper don’t get me wrong, I am just wondering how he would train someone who had a disability or legitimate health concern compared to someone who doesn’t. For the past week, after meeting with the physical therapist, I have been walking twice a day to the garbage room and bag or to the mailbox, they are both the same distances a part from my apartment door. I feel stupid doing it, so I of course, take my garbage out or I get my mail. It just seems unproductive to me just walking to the garbage room door or the mailbox and not doing something once I get there. Lol This morning, I walked an extra distance to the managers office in order to drop off my rent for January. I of course, being the picture taking queen of my world took my camera with me on this trek and snapped some shots.

Where I started my trek and where I do my best work. Home sweet home!

To the left of me, the trek to the garbage room down my hallway. I love having things at an easy access for me.

To the right, the laundry room and mailbox area, and of course, if I go further down the hallway I will reach the managers office.

Eureka, I made it. The actual office was locked up, because it doesn’t open until ten, but the waiting area is and I love the waiting area. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the fire place is pleasing to me, even if it is a fake fireplace.

Now, I am on my way back to my apartment. It isn’t too far, for a healthy person, but for me, it is like walking a mile.

I am so thankful I do not have to walk up these stairs to reach my apartment. I live in a three story apartment building and I live on the first floor, thankfully.

I am at the halfway point of my way back to my place, if you see the tree, my apartment is next to it and I am standing next to where the mailboxes are.

I know, not very exciting, but being able to move freely, even if I have to go slow, means the world to me. I love moving and I will keep on moving.

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