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My Compare/Contrast Paper

According to World Health Organization website, currently there are over 1 billion overweight individuals and 300 million of them are considered obese. No wonder many individuals desire to purchase, have surgical procedures, and follow all sorts of diet plans in order to be healthy. For many Americans, making the choice of which plan to follow and what to do to get healthy and to maintain it seems daunting. The research, meal planning, exercise, doctor visits, and numerous other tasks involved with following through on an individuals health care plans. Comparing the information, which leads to making a choice can be a challenge when deciding which plan to follow or whether or not to get gastric bypass surgery to aide in getting healthy.
Gastric bypass surgery requires that an individual undergo a massive stomach change that makes the stomach smaller, so that the person can only take in about a tablespoonful of food or liquids at a time. (Mayo Clinic Website) Many individuals know at least this much about weight loss surgery, without seeing all the others things necessary in achieving weight loss and good health. Eating the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, vitamins, and minerals is another aspect to consider when going the route of surgery. Changes in how you view food means not using it to self medicate emotions or pain of any form. Self- evaluating and making better choices in what you eat is a challenge in itself. When someone hears weight loss surgery, the automatic thought that pops in their head is “oh, I can go get my stomach made smaller in order to make losing weight and gaining my health easier without having to change what I eat or how I move”. Food is not the only change that comes with a new lifestyle. Exercise plays a key role in the plan, as well changes in eating habits. At first, starting off slow and building endurance and strength up is a major role in keeping the self motivated to accomplish the big goal. When all the key elements of weight loss surgery is met, the results of the amount of weight lost is staggering. A hundred pound loss can happen in a matter of a couple of months. The results can be seen in a matter of weeks. The results shown lead many individuals deciding to go this route, but unfortunately, it isn’t always the healthiest way to go.
Non-surgical weight loss by far is the slowest when compared to gastric bypass surgery, though there are key elements that are the same when researching and deciding which way to go. The amount of what is eaten at a time is different, but what to eat is the same. This means, with gastric bypass surgery only 1 tablespoon of food or drink can be consumed, while with non-surgical weight loss plans the consumption of food or drink can be at the normal amounts. A serving size of a cup, ½ a cup, can be eaten or drank by the individual. What makes this harder is that the stomach does not show it is full as fast as the person who has had gastric bypass. Calorie counting and strictly following a regiment is a key component in this type of plan. When browsing the Internet, bookstores, libraries, TVs, and doctor offices the brain can be bombarded with the different aspects that an eating plan can take on. All of them, no matter which ones followed all have the basic rule of thumb: eating the correct amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, sugars, and fats. The recipes, how to determine what body type, blood type, or brain personality is different, but the reality of eating more vegetables and watching the amount of the junk food takes front and center stage over all of them. The chemistry of the body is different for each individual so it makes complete sense that there are so many different types of eating plans. Of course, exercise is another key element that must be included in the overall plan. Getting the heart rate up to the right amount while exercising, and knowing how much exercise to get in order to burn the calories consumed is important.
The results for both gastric bypass and non-surgical methods of weight loss are the same, pounds lost from the waste, butt, hips, chest, and feeling healthy. What does feeling healthy feel like? Being able to move, engage in activities without feeling tired and bloated during them, and of course, seeing great results from blood work done at the doctors office. Many individuals go to the doctors, get blood pressures reads, get the AICI blood sugar tests done, and of course, the really important cholesterol test done. Those numbers gives an idea of how well the body is and when engaging in any of the above plans the results in these tests will be seen really soon. In a few months, the blood sugar results will be lower and therefore the body damage can be reversed and stopped, also, blood pressure can be reduced significantly when the heart gets moving and when eating the correct fats , cholesterol becomes lower and the disastrous heart attack, angina, or plaque in the body can be greatly reduced. The fact that energy levels can be greatly increased makes life seem joyous and conquerable. When fat, obese is the correct word, the joy of life is not present. When someone does not feel good, they will not do anything productive. Relationships can be strained, especially the relationship with oneself. The results of the gastric bypass surgery is quicker, but not necessarily the healthiest. Perhaps, that is why it is reserved for those who are extremely obese and who have a great amount of weight to lose. Even though, the fact, those individuals do have to follow the same type of regiment in order to get to that point and stay there, the fact is it is a last resort and should be considered with wisdom and not lightly. With non-surgical means to lose weight and get back to health, yes, thinking clearly, having a plan of action, and following through are key components as it is with gastric bypass surgery, but the difference is, no medical procedures are needed to get started. A good support team, a notebook, good food in the fridge and cupboard is all that is needed and there is room to cheat without a disastrous result, which is not the case with gastric bypass surgery.
Being healthy is a goal that many individuals have. Though the goal is present, the actual execution can be difficult. So much information bombards the brain and makes one feel overwhelmed with the daunting task of eating well, exercising, and making a clear cut decision about which one to follow. Comparing the information and making a choice can be a challenge when deciding which plan to follow or whether or not to get a gastric bypass surgery to aide in getting healthy. Even though the challenge is there, there is hope that anyone can accomplish the task of losing weigh, no matter how much they have to lose and even doing it healthfully. Each person is different and therefore when a plan is found and it works, stick with it.

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