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Fall Out

On Thursday morning I woke up to a fall out. A fall out is when either a disease or medication cause some side effects or pain in some area of my body. I woke up, and my ankle hurt, displaying a red patch, plus it was warm to the touch. Not fun at all, I was able to walk, but it hurt. Then of course, my throat decided it was time to join in the festival my body was having. I take my trach out every couple of weeks to clean out the gunk that gets stuck in it and then I have to reinsert it back in. I got training from my doctor in how to insert my trach and I now feel comfortable in placing it in the quarter size hole. This time, when I took it out and reinserted it back in, it hurts badly. I am heading to the ENT in the morning to see what is up. I am suspecting that my throat is constricting again and that is why it was difficult to insert the trach into its rightful place. Another adventure in my GPA disease.

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