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Birthday, Trach, and Sickness What A Combination

Being sick with a trach is a challenge. Since I am always coughing something up, taking the cannula out to clean out my debris then how do you know when you are sick? Let me tell you. Today, Friday I woke up coughing and having to use my suction machine more than once a day. A suction machine is a device that I use once a day to suck out the mucus and other debris out of my trach each morning. It is part of my cleaning process for my care. The point I am trying to make is I had to use that darn machine six times today. It is chore to use, first I have to get the catheters out and hook it up to the main hose, then I have to get some water, take the cannula out, and then stick the skinny hose down my trach hole until I choke, all in order to get that gunky crap out of the trach, so that I can breathe. Of course, I am whistling more than usual too. I am playing music while I am trying to breathe. I am now done with the complaining, now onto my birthday trip to Longview.

My birthday was Monday, I enjoyed my day by going to physical therapy and started a regiment of moving. I am not complaining. I have wanted to move for a long time. Bryce the PT therapist gave me some exercises to do at home and he gave me a rope. The rope looks like red licorice. I now have four exercises to do that will increase my aerobic activity level. I didn’t do any of the exercises while in Longview and I didn’t yesterday when I was home. When Myron came he talked me into doing them and to encourage me he did them also. They are not hard. I just have to shut the door on the stretch band and do some basic arm exercises and then do some leg exercises while standing up. When I am feeling sick, like I feel now I just do not want to do anything, but I knew I needed to get them done so I didn’t give Myron too hard of a time.

After leaving PT therapy Kris my awesome sister in law drove me to Longview and before we got to Longview she took me to lunch at PePe’s in Woodland Washington, which is half way between Vancouver and Longview. I enjoyed my lunch. The restaurant was colorful and had excellent service and yummy food. The big portions they served I was able to share my lunch with my mom when we got to Longview. I opened up my presents when I got to my mom’s house and I will share the pictures instead of writing what they are.

The next day I had my debut on Boomer Plus Radio show on Kedo 1400 AM out of Longview Washington. The show went well, even if I embarrassed myself by saying the word Vagina on air. In case you did not hear the show, which I highly recommend you do I will give you the reason for my word choice. My amazing friend, who happens to be the host of the show Karen Gidderon kept saying Vagilitis instead of Vasculitis. The first time I corrected her mistake, the second time I let it slip by with no comment from me, but the third time she said it I felt the need to say something. What I said to her in response was: “You make it sound like I have a disease of the Vagina.” Ray Bake the guest after me and the host of the TV show “Feet On The Street” dropped his jaw and laughed hard and so did the gentlemen in the booth and of course Karen and her cohort in crime Summer. I was embarrassed, but the reason I said it so bluntly is because I have known Summer for 25 years and Karen at least 8 years and I felt comfortable with them and we can get each other laughing and talking. I felt safe, I just happen to forget I was on public radio at the time.

Ray Baker from the local TV show “Feet On The Street”

Summer, my fantastic artist friend made me the most amazing bag ever! She designs them herself and I am a proud owner. She calls it the portable garden. There are two flowers and a butterfly on them. Like I stated above I love butterflies and I love flowers. What girl doesn’t love flowers? All in all I had a great birthday even if at this present moment I am sick with a stuffy trach, a headache, and a cough. I still wouldn’t change anything. And I should mention that if you would like a bag of your own crafted by my amazing friend then check out website.

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  1. Great write up Jamie…BTW Ray Baker was the guest, but I bet even he can think about something funny to say about the mistake! LOL!

    I will send you a link to the blog entry when we post the recording of the show on http://boomerplustuesday.com.

    I am sorry you’re sick but I know that Myron is taking good care of you when he is there and you haven’t come this far to let a cold kick your butt! I love your positive attitude!

    Take care!

  2. Jamie Holloway says:

    Apparently the drum beat going off in my head got the best of me. I thought I mentioned he was the guest with the dropped jaw, but oh well. 🙂

  3. Vickie says:

    How nice that you have pople in your life that love you. And how funny was the radio show!

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