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For my thirty eighth birthday I decided that I wanted to do a project that I saw posted on a blog called Fit And Free With Emily that I read about 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days. The last few days I have been working on my list. I gave it a lot of thought. Because 1001 days will take me into 2015, three years from now, gives me food for thought. Here is my list, I only managed to get to 88. I figured I can always add to my list later on. Heck, it is my list after all.
1) Lose 25 lbs.
2) Lose 50 lbs.
3) Lose 100 lbs.
4) Write a blog post 3 times a week
5) Use physical therapy to strengthen my bones.
6) Run a marathon
7) Run on the beach
8) Run in the forest
9) Go on a trip to Alabama to see my big sister
10) Get rid of my trach
11) Be in a healthy relationship with the man of my dreams
12) Spend the weekend at the beach
13) Spend a week at the beach
14) Drink only water/tea for 1 month to see how much it affects my body
15) Journal daily for 1 month
16) Prepare my body for my dissection surgery mentally, physically, and emotionally.
17) Keep track of what I eat in a food journal for 6 months
18) Eat breakfast daily for a month
19) Try one new crock pot recipe 1 a week
20) Have a massage done
21) Get a pedicure
22) Get a manicure
23) For my 40th birthday go to San Francisco and a beach weekend with Carri, Joy, Summer, Karen, Vickie, Kris, and Amber.
24) Buy myself a bouquet of flowers
25) Start writing my manuscript
26) Finish my manuscript
27) Eat more veggie salads once a week
28) Gain my ability to drive myself around.
29) Purchase a reliable car
30) Purchase and find magazines, glue, and card stock, for healing journaling.
31) Continue gathering tools from my therapist and save them in a binder for use.
32) Find relaxing music, smells, movies, books, and crafts to aide me in my healthy journey.
33) Go to family challenge conference in Portland.
34) Have Summer show me the ropes of Word Press so that I can use my blog better and aide in Living ministries blog.
35) Go the Christmas angel telethon and help where I can.
36) Get respite training through Nancy Thomas
37) Self-publish my memoir/book
38) Find an editor, perhaps Joy or Summer
39) Practice writing skills/writing process I have learned.
40) Wear my glitter flip flops again
41) Purchase a bicyle and go for bike rides on the parks around my neighborhood
42) Make a point to check in with Carri, Vickie, Summer, Karen, Amber, Joy.
43) Once a month bake something delicious and use my old mixer from my mom.
44) Purchase a bake set, mixing bowls, Dutch oven, kitchen scale, to aide in healthy living.
45) Get my hair cut into a pixie cut
46) Become a TA for Heart Change
47) Find a church that follows and believes the way I do.
48) Research nutrition, movements, collage therapies, music therapy, recipes, ideas for my own benefit and to aide others.
49) Exercise when I find a safe form daily to build up my endurance and strength during surgery and after surgery.
50) Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
51) Test a new herb or spice once a month.
52) Try coconut water
53) Call Alissa Berringer about What she has to say to help me in my disease.
54) Write in my gratitude journal regularly for a month.
55) Read study, research these subjects, RAD, attachment parenting, nutrition, emotional health.
56) Ask Sarah Kohlenberger if I could borrow some of her books.
57) Buy more clothes for summer and fall.
58) Take a photography class
59) Ask Amber to show me the program she uses for editing photographs.
60) Learn to copy right my photographs
61) Find a personal trainer who know how to train someone with a health issue like mine.
62) Make list of people who will be at my memorial service and list the qualities they see in me. Timothy assignment
63) List the times I did things help others out of love.
64) List the times I did things to help others out of other motives.
65) Read Beth Moores meditations/devotion for 90 days
66) Find a recipe for Ableskivers
67) Purchase a Ableskivers pan
68) Go the the Scandinavian festival in Junction City Oregon
69) Visit my cousin Rhoda and get copies of photographs and family tree info from her.
70) Go to the Portland Zoo
71) Go to OMSI
72) Go to the Portland Art museum.
73) Walk around the farmers market here in Vancouver
74) Get strong enough to jump on my trampoline again.
75) Purchase a loaf pan
76) Buy a tea kettle
77) Buy a couple of book shelves
78) Buy a desk
79) Buy a new couch
80) Go swimming
81) Get a swim suit
82) Get a hula hoop
83) Use hula hoop to strengthen my core
84) Get a bicycle
85) Find a place to hang my emotions poster I got from Carri
86) Learn to how to make my own essential oils
87) Have an herb container garden with lavender, basil, rosemary, lemon balm, Greek oregano.
88) Read, study learn about herbal care
89) August 11th go to the relay for life program in Longview with Karen and Summer.
90) Preserve my moms hand written recipes
91) Refinish my grandmother’s wood sewing cabinet

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  1. Vickie says:

    Your gonna be real busy for a hundred years.

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