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Vasculitis Awareness Month

I love these videos, they share so much. Enjoy! Support Vasculitis research.

The month of May is Vasculitis Awareness month. Vasculitis is the classification of 16 different diseases and I have one of them Granulomatos with Polygranitis (Wegener). If you have read my journey on this blog then you know what my struggles and triumphs have been on this journey of mine. I have made the executive decision to have a special section on my blog about Vasculitis disease and how it affects my life and what I am learning about it.
Vasculitis according to this youtube video that I was shown by my friend Jim Bornac explains what it is. There are several amazing videos that the Vasculitis foundation has prepared to educate and gain money to aide those who suffer from this disease. I am not a medical expert and if you suffer from this disease or think you are, go to the doctor and ask to see a Rhematologist right away. My expertise is in the suffering of this disease, the use of the medications, using unconventional treatments, and even experiencing the fall out that comes with the medication and disease.

Later this month I have the privilege in taking a webinar class to learn even more about what it is that ails me. My symptoms range from being extremely tired all the time, unable to breathe due to the constriction my throat goes through every five to six months until I get dilation surgery, my lungs are not able to hold oxygen for no longer than thirty seconds and an average person can do two minutes, joint pain. All these symptoms feel like a rollercoaster ride that has some crazy curves in them that leave pieces hanging off the edge dangling in the air.
The Vasculitis foundation has several videos that explain what GPA is and what vasculitis is. This is a month to spread the word and get money for research and teach everyone what it is.

For more information about Vasculitis contact:

Vasculitis Foundation
PO Box 28660
Kansas City, MO 64188
1 (800) 277-9474

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