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OHSU Auto-Immune Conference

I am looking forward to August 4th, my friend Debra Lawson-Bean has graciously accepted and registered me to go to day conference at OHSU. This conference is for individuals and their care providers who suffer from an auto-immune disease. Vasculitis will be one of the topics covered and that is the one I am looking forward to and Debra on the other ones. I am so looking forward to going and learning something. I am so thankful that Debra is willing to give me a ride, so I do not have to burden my family on this. Not that they think I am a burden, but it is nice to do things outside of them too. Here is the link with the ternary and the way to get registered and it is free.
Learning is a key ingredient for me to successfully manage my health. The other key ingredient is having faith and trust that God has my back at all times and that my version of healing is not necessary what God’s vision of what it looks like.

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