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Revision Of My Stoma

I wrote in my story that I am awaiting my appointment on July 10th, 2012 at the University of Washington for a consultation appointment with Dr. Hillel (an ENT) and Dr. Gardner (my Rhematoligist) to see about what can be done about my throat issues. I just could not wait any longer for that appointment. I chose to make an appointment with Dr. Anderson, here in Vancouver. On Tuesday I took my trach out for an annual cleaning. Myron, my amazing care provider was with me to make sure I did not need any help during the process. This time, the process what extremely painful when I reinserted the trach, in fact, the trach got stuck halfway in the stoma. In case you do not know the technical term stoma: Stoma: means a hole. I learn new words all the time; it’s a part of my adventure. Myron knew from the look on my face that it caused me a lot of pain, so we called Dr. Anderson to make an appointment for today.

I will be having a dilation surgery on June 26th; he will also be revising the stoma in my throat where my trach goes too. Strangely, I feel calm about this procedure. I am glad to get it done. I did get some good news, when he stuck the larnyxscopy down my throat he saw that the red inflammation is so much better. Meaning that my medications are working and that I am getting a handle on what my body is doing. I am so relieved to hear that, makes me happy.

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  1. Vickie says:

    Thank you for the link. I am glad to know what is going on!

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