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What Is Beauty?

The last couple of years my hair does not grow back fast and I have been losing a lot of my hair due to my disease and the medications that I have to take in order to maintain a balance. I shaved it. For women, hair is their identity. It showcases their beauty, why do you think we spend lots of money at hairdressers, stores for products to make us look even more beautiful. I am reminded of the story of Sampson and Delilah. The only difference is that when I got it shaved off I still have my strength. I am still Jamie. I am still me. I look different. Yet what makes me who I am is not my hair. My personality and character qualities make me who I am. I wish that I could grow long, luxurious hair that makes me feel like one of those raven haired beauties running in a field of lavender, but I am not able to. Instead I am a semi-bald lady running through the fields of lavender dancing my jig. I am now ready for my next chapter, shaved head and all.

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  1. Jamie, you amaze me! And guess what? I can see your beautiful blue eyes even better now! You are one of the strongest people I have ever had the chance to know! Thank You Jesus for all that You are in Jamie!

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