Looks like I will be staying a couple more nights in the hospital. I will be having another surgery tomorrow in order for them to lower the T-stent in my throat. Currently, the upper part of the t-stent is pressing on my voice cords and making it difficult for me to talk. I love to talk, so I am okay with another surgery.
Yes, I am being taken care of by the amazing staff here at the University of Washington hospital, but that doesn’t negate the feelings that I feel. I want to be home. I want to be sleeping in my own bed. i want to pet, kiss, cuddle, and feed my own cat. I want to poop in my own toilet. Yes, I know I sometimes get to graphic, but to be honest there is nothing better than pooping in your own toilet. I know I am not the only human who feels that way.

While eating my lunch, roast beef sandwich, clam chowder, and water. I decided to look up videos on YouTube. I put in the word COURAGE. Through out my journey I have been told that I have a courage so I wanted to see what comes up for that word. I found a couple of cool videos. I can feel the effects of my pain medications, sleepiness coming on and I am going to post this and take a nap. Enjoy the music! Please pray for me and thank you all for your prayers. Smile!

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  1. I so missed this when you were still in the hospital!

    Yes, there is nothing like pooping in your own toilet! LOL!

    You are a riot! I love you!

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