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Greetings From UW Medical Center

Greetings from the University Of Washington Medical center here in Seattle Washington. Happy to say that I made it through my surgery and I now have my T-stent in and I feel like a million bucks. I can breathe fully. I can smell. When Dr. Hillel and his team went in on Wednesday afternoon they discovered that my throat was almost closed up from the Subglottic Stenosis. Meaning that if I did not have my trach I would not be breathing, so thank God for my trach. I knew that I was not breathing properly, but did not realize how badly it gotten.
That being said, I feel I am at full throttle. Everyone who has talked to me on the phone says that I have my voice back, that my pink cheeks are back, and that I am looking good. I feel GREAT!
The doctors here have been amazing, the nurses have been amazing and they do remember me from my last stent in the hospital in December. While being in the hospital I have read a lot in my book “Shades of Hope”, realize that I have extremely dry skin and that I have a kind sister in law who brought Lubriderm to me and smeared it all over my body. That feels good to have done. My sister Vickie is here and I have not seen her yet, but I will later this afternoon, but we did skype. Yes, I skyped here at the hospital and so she got to talk to one of my doctors who happened to walk in while I was doing that. I got some strange looks while I was talking to my computer from the people who walked by. I assume that it is an unusual occurrence to have someone in the ICU ward sitting up in bed chatting away on the computer. At least I am not hallucinating this time around. Lol
I also started my eating plan while at the hospital, drinking more water and eating three meals a day. The food here is actually good. They have hormone free beef, which I do not think I have ever tasted, but I will before I leave. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and support. And now I am ready for the next leg of my journey.

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