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Iron Does The Body Good!

When I went to my doctor appointment on Friday I found out from my blood work that I am low on Iron again. Since I was younger I have always been anemic and I either had to get an IV, take a horse pill, or eat extra foods that had a power house of iron in them. Right now my Iron is not low enough to be considered critical. A normal iron level is 35 and mine was 28. This could be because I just had two surgeries this month and the blood I lost could be the culprit. He suggested that I eat my iron instead of having to take the horse pills. I am okay with that, the pills are hard to swollen and cause constipation. This girls needs to have a regular bowel movement in order to function. I know too much information, but that is the way it is.

When I got the information Vickie and I stopped at the store on the way home I bought a big steak to share. Steak is full of iron, as well as protein. It was yummy! She taught me something about cuts of meat and how to save money. She showed me when you buy a round roast, the way you get a London broil steak is to cut it in half and that is exactly what she did. Saves a lot of money cutting it yourself and not relying on the butcher to do it for you, with half the steak we shared and the other half we made a big pot of beef stew. Both meals were awesome.

I did some research on the Internet on iron rich foods. I wanted to know what foods I should be eating in order to build up my iron levels, because being anemic sucks. Symptoms of being anemic include: hair loss, being tired, no mental clarity. Thankfully, I am not in serious anemia, just minor. Normal iron levels are 30 to 35 and I am at 28, so I am just mild, but still low. Thankfully I do not have to take a horse pill. I just have to eat iron rich foods.

Tonight for dinner Vickie and I had an amazing beef salad for dinner with tons of broccoli, beef steak, cauliflower, spring mix, spinach, onion, and vinaigrette dressing. Yummy!

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