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Practice Makes Perfect!

Happy Sunday! If you suspect that I am still in the hospital, you would be correct. I am still here. One of the student doctors came in and she told me that I will be going home for sure tomorrow. I had to make a couple of phone calls, one of course to Myron, my fabulous care provider and then his boss.
Today, the IV nurse came in to give me a new IV. I do not understand why since it is not being used, but never the less I had to get a new poke. I am thankful that nurses are now willing to listen to me when I tell them I am a difficult patient to stick IV’s in. I want to be helpful, but my veins know how to deceive them. It is a pain in my veins and I have learned to voice my concerns and dislike to the nurses and they do listen to me. I find that if I express my woes to them in a none whiney way I tend to get them on my side. Like I said this whole journey with my Vasculitis has been a big learning experience of voicing what my body and I need in order to be healthy. I am just getting more practice at it today.
I am looking forward to heading home tomorrow and seeing my cat. This afternoon Vickie and I are watching the TV show Chopped. She and I both love cooking. We also looked at a magazine with recipes in it and we got some ideas about what we will be cooking while she is here. She is getting her passion for cooking back again. She lost it. She is grieving some loses that she has been experiencing. I am happy to see that she is being GROWTH oriented. I believe having her here is helping her be more positive and thinking about a different direction in her life. I am enjoying our conversations.
I can see the sunshine outside and it makes me want to go out there and walk around, but I can’t. On a good note, the t-stent is working. This morning I woke up, cleaned myself up and then proceeded to get off the bed, walk around, and picking up the garbage mess and clean up my environment. I always feel better when my environment is cleaned up. While moving around I did get out of breathe, but it was a different out of breathe than what I normally experience. I will explain it this way. You can definitely tell the difference between being oxygen deprived or when you need to build up endurance. The heavy breathing was more on the endurance level than the oxygen deprivation. Gives me a lot of hope to me, I can work up my endurance so that I can have a mobile lifestyle. I want a mobile lifestyle. I have lost some weight while I have been in the hospital. I can tell by how my pants are fitting, by the way my body feels and the shape of my body. I have not been able to weigh yet. I can’t do that until I get home. Another thing I am looking forward to do when I get home. I feel like I am camping, but I have a TV and Internet connection. The sink is plugged up in my room and they cannot fix it while I am in the room, despite that the nurses have been excellent. I am having a good day and my pain is being managed. I do feel like I swallowed a porcupine, I never have, but it feels like how I imagine it would. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Take a deep breathe in and then slowly let it out and think of me. God bless everyone!

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  1. I am so glad you never thought about swallowing a porcupine! LOL! Jamie the end of your time at the hospital is near and I am glad you are making some fun, short-termed plans! Keep up the good healing, friend! I love you!

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