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Stronger: Chapter Two

(My view from the picnic table where I ate my yummy sandwich)

I woke up in a crappy mood. I have been home from the hospital for a week now and my voice is taking its sweet time coming back. I am glad I had the surgery, don’t get me wrong. I love being able to breath at a 98 percent level again. The things I now need to work on consist of building up my endurance levels. Walking gets my heart rate up to 169 beats, according to my oximeter that I use to measure my oxygen levels and my heartbeat.

(My sister Vickie)

(Myron my care provider)

Despite my endurance levels being too low, Vickie (one of my awesome sisters), Myron (my care provider), and I drove to Subway got ourselves some lunch and then drove downtown Vancouver, Washington where we had a picnic lunch by the water front. The sun was out. There were cute dogs everywhere, interesting people everywhere and a magnificent view to eat our lunch. We spent a couple of hours out there. I took a lot of pictures. Something I love to do. I enjoyed my lunch, it lifted up my spirits. Though I didn’t like being the center of some people’s view of me walking around breathing the way that I do and having to take small breaks and cough up mucus crap. I know that I am beautiful, but can you at least have some couth to let someone live a life without being starred out like she is a circus clown. That was the only annoying thing I experienced today. Enjoy the pictures!

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