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God’s Synchronicity

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; my God is my Rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my strong hold.” Psalm 18:2

My pediatric trach I had to have for a few days. Now I have my T-tube in. I’m breathing, smelling, and tasting. I love it.

My cheerful balloons from my friend Alissa. My window show the UW stadium where they play their games. Really cool. They are doing some kind of construction.

When you read my blog you see a theme going on, I ask a lot of questions and fight off a lot of negative rants that go on in my head. One of the main rants is what the heck am I supposed to do now that I am sick and my breathing is affected and how am I supposed to have a life?
This time being at the UW Medical center a few miraculous things started happening. One, I am not coughing as much with my T-Tube as I did a month ago. Yeah! Two, I was able to bless someone and their family by sharing my insight with them. I actually learned a lot from my conversation. One: that God moves in mysterious and often times interesting ways that you do not have any way of knowing when it will happen, it just happens. I love it. Two: I do have a great network of friends, family, doctors, nurses that are standing with me even if they do not totally get what is going on with my body. Three: I am a feisty, spunky gal and that is just how God made me. Four: I am a relational being, who actually does love people, but who also likes to be alone. I love growth oriented people. I am not ashamed to admit that.
While here I have been working on some plans for when I get home. One: I will be calling Dr. Wilson and seeing if he wants to be my ENT while I am in Vancouver and work with me. I have a whole speech I want to say to him with our meeting. I feel like I owe him a shot. I do understand that I am one of those scary patients with issues and if you don’t know the throat and it has issues I can see why he wouldn’t to cause further damage. What I need is an ENT where I live to call for emergencies for supplies, to check the t-tube and meet me in the ER when things happen and work with my team here in Seattle. That is what I need. Since Dr. Anderson, whom I loved left the practice, I need a new one.
Two: I am going to do research about moving to Longview to be with my network of people there family and friends. I have a bigger group of friends and family there who would be willing to take me to the doctor and I don’t have to rely on Rob and Kris, whom I feel are feeling burned out. I do have Myron and he is an amazing helper, but I can still get help even while I am in Longview. I will be able to work with Living Ministries, start my support group for patients like me, and even find a church I can attend to get the spiritual help that I am need. I do need prayer for a great therapist there and a group of growth oriented church goers that I can bond with. Longview is my home town and the reasons for me moving to Vancouver are mute and not going to happen. I can do school on line in Longview, I have a bunch of amazing people to hang out with and they can visit me and Nicholas too. Prayers and any insight would be great. In the meantime, while I am in Vancouver I can start doing the small things I need to do and I am aiming for my 39th birthday to be back in my home town. Who cares if I might run into someone that I used to know, he can kiss my bald head and watch me roll down the street in my fancy wheel chair while hanging with some amazing people.

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  1. You are a hoot! I love it!

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