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Operation Relaxation!

(My equipment, suction device, nebulizer, and hemidifier.)

I had a day of relaxation. I needed it, especially after last night’s scare. Around 3 in the morning I felt a clog coming on. Of course, that meant I needed to suction, lavage, and nebulize myself in order to not have to yank out my t-tube. This is what I wrote in my journal while I was nebulizing: “I have been through a lot in my life and frankly I do not know how I survived all things. At times I feel like I cannot survive my Vasculitis, my Wegener’s but then again I know that God has my throat in His hands guiding me to where I need to be. It is scary.” I wrote more, but that is nothing that I feel like I should share, a lot of ranting, raving, and angrily expressing myself. Not pretty!

That being said I decided that I needed a day of relaxation. After all didn’t God take one day to relax, to rejuvenate, to feed himself in order to be creative. I know he did. Read Genesis and you will know for sure.
What did I do for my day of relaxation? Well I woke up, talked to my friend Sumer for a bit. A great conversation, I must add. Then I took a hot bath, I got some cool “Anti-Stress” lotion and of course I use Lubriderm in order to keep moisturized. The “Anti-Stress lotion was a gift from my friend Amber S after my last bout in the hospital. It has lavender and peppermint oil in it and smells divine. I love the smells of lavender, rosemary, basil, Greek oregano, and peppermint. Nothing like it in the world and it relieves a lot of tension for me.

While rubbing myself down, I know that sounds badly, all I did was put lotion on my feet, put my fuzzy socks that I got from my cousin Marsha, and watched a great movie called “Shashank Redemption”. Among the other things I must do to take care of myself, such as lavaging, suctioning, and nebulizing myself. Those three things I cannot get away from doing at all. It sucks, but it is something that I MUST do in order to keep me breathing. And breathing is a must if you want to live and guess what I do want to live.

I had a good day of relaxation. What do you do when you relax? What smells, books, movies, music, or place do you indulge in when you are relaxing?

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