I woke up from a good sleep needing to suction. I felt an obstruction in my t-tube. I felt this clog deep in my t-tube for the last couple of days and no matter how much I lavaged and suctioned it would not come out. Have you ever had a clog in your life that no matter how much you worked at it, it would not budge?

Clogs are not just nasty debris that you have in one’s throat that causes issues for breathing. They can be eating the right way and then splurging on a sweet treat or drinking or even drugs. Or entertaining a notion that all men are evil or any type of thought about one’s self that is not truly of God, you see clogs are destructive. They are small little bastards that manipulate, cause confusion, cause one to doubt their abilities, and mainly doubt God’s ability to love and support you through things. Clogs can be anything that is not healthy and cause one to be mindless.
For me, my clogs consist of gross things that get clogged up in my t-tube that causes me to start sounding like a moose. Making me believe that all this fighting is useless, that my decision I made in 2009 was an illusion. I did something I have never done since I started having trachs and clogs. I prayed for them, I asked God to get that disgusting clog out that is causing me to have self-destructive thoughts about what it is I am supposed to be doing and then I tried again at lavaging and suctioning and guess what happened? That little stinker flew out and I felt better. It is amazing what prayer and trying again can accomplish. What kinds of clogs do you allow to plaque your mind and self-destruct?

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