Right now,in this present moment, with your current thoughts you’re creating your future. What’s it going to look like?

Did you know that each one of us takes 17,280-23,040 breathes a day? That gives you so many opportunities to say thank you God for my ability to take a deep breathe in and slowly release it.

The question above what is my future going to look like? Here is what I have envisioned for my future. In two years I will be forty years old and I would love to be able to take deep, meaningful breathes every single day without having to think about it, suffer from it, or do something that keeps me breathing. I would like to have my book finished, thankfully I have written twenty pages so far. I have a lot to say and I want to encourage others to BREATHE and realize that taking moments to rest and breathe is far more important than to be gung ho on whatever project anyone is enmeshed in. I am not saying be lazy and do nothing sit on your butt eating bon bons, watching the boob tube, and not get anything accomplished. That is not what I am saying at all. Just like you can be too lazy, you can be too motivated and over extend yourself. My aim is a balance between the two.

How do I get the balance between the two? I wish I had the answer to that question for everyone, but for me. I am an introvert. I enjoy spending time alone, but I also like having people around too. Heaven to me is sitting by a fireplace, the ocean, or anywhere in nature reading a book, writing, searching the Internet, or even just daydreaming. The last four years I have not been able to get up and running to keep up with those around. Everyone moves so fast so that they can get a ton done in a day, as for me, that is not possible. I do the best that I can with what I have. Challenges seem to pop out of nowhere. I have simple dreams right now, spending a week at the beach. Travel to Italy, eat yummy authentic Italian food, perhaps taking a couple of classes while visiting, and of course my biggest goal of my life getting the rest of my weight off. While I have been getting the steroid IV treatments I have noticed that my legs and feet are not as swollen as usual. Is this a sign that my team of doctors and I are on the right path? Does that mean that it is working on the granulations in my throat and perhaps I do not have to take the Ritaxmab? I know I will have to take the Ritaxmab. A powerful drug, but I also know it is necessary for me to have in order for me to be healthy and do what I want to do.

When you have to do something you are resistant to doing do you whine about it and crawl under a rock to hide or do you sit on the rock and do it anyway?

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