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Jamie’s Chasing Good Food!

Cooking is a passion of mine. Since getting sick I have not been able to explore this passion. Not being able to breathe limits what I can do and I have to pace myself throughout the day or I can exhaust myself. I woke up Saturday morning feeling great, which is something I have not experienced in quite some time. I took advantage of this and cooked. I have made three meals. The first one was my lentils. I love lentils. They are packed full of so many good things for the body. I add things to my lentils, such as carrots, celery, garlic, tomatoes, onion, and kale. All aromatic vegetables, all super foods, all things that help the body fight. These things help the body produce healthy cells. I also added some ground turkey breast to it, but you do not have to add the meat. All I can say is the smell was amazing and it tasted wonderful. With the pot I made I was able to put five containers in the freezer for those cold nights coming up and a hardy soup is needed.

I made meatloaf with the rest of the ground turkey breast. Yummy! I added garlic, onion, oatmeal, basil, oregano, cheese, yes, I said cheese. Then of course what is meatloaf without the ketchup on top. I was able to get five portions out of that for my freezer for those nights when I do not want to cook.

I experimented. My care giver, who is taking the place of Myron while he is recovering from Gallbladder surgery Raisa, gave me a bunch of tomatoes from her garden. They were big, and the darkest color red I have ever seen. I usually buy them at the store, but they are not as red and juicy as these were. I decided to put some butter in a pan along with garlic and diced up the tomatoes and made myself a sauce to put over pasta. My mouth watered as the tomatoes were cooking, smelled so good. I enjoyed my pasta with the sauce on it and I was able to put some in the freezer for a later time. I will have to do this again sometime.

Feeding one’s body nutritious food is important. Hydrating one’s body is vital too. Everyone needs at least 64 ounces of water a day in order to have enough hydration for the body to produce new cells. I bought myself a special water bottle that tells me the ounces. The bottle holds 34 ounces and so if I drink two of these a day I am at my quota.
How do you feed your body? What vegetables are your favorites? Or do you just eat processed sugars and carbohydrates to maintain your body? Do you every feel sluggish or sickly after eating these things? All good questions to think about and consider doing small changes in order to self-nurture your body; you are after all worth fighting for too.

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