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Shades Of Hope

“Shades Of Hope” by Tennie McCarty
I bought this book seven months ago. It’s a program to stop dieting and start living it says on the front cover. Tennie runs an outreach program for those of us who suffer from food addiction. I am sad to admit this but I am one of those individuals. I use food to sooth my emotions, to stuff them so that I do not have to deal with them at all. I stuff my face and partake in unhealthy eating. There are a lot of wonderful tools and assignments to do in order to break that pitfall and start living life fully. I especially found a lot of healing with doing the Life Map she has you do.

I read through “Shades Of Hope” eating plan and I have decided to do it. What I like about it is there are no restrictions other than no sugar, no fried food, alcohol, and flour. I can do that. I like that fact she has the measurements for women and for men that are separate and I can manage to do this on my limited income. I am starting this today right after I go grocery shopping and get stocked up. This means I Jamie Holloway being of sound mind will be following this plan for one year. I have a lot of weight to lose and I will not be using the excuse that I am too sick to get it done. Yes, I will probably fail when I indulge in some chips and salsa when hanging out with my sister Carri or when I am at my brother’s 25th wedding anniversary part in November with all that yummy food on display, but I can be mindful in the choices I make. Mindful eating is a challenge, but it is something that I need to face in order to accomplish my goals. Who is with me?

I have found some recipes to try out; I am feeling a bit stronger. Even though grocery shopping is a chore and I do not mean the normal wear and tear of being bored. I mean I still am breathing funny, still have a glop of mucus that does not seem to want to come out and I have to work extremely hard or let it sit there until it decides to come out. Can you tell that I am annoyed? Here are some recipes that I will be making and trying out soon.
The first one is: Rigatoni with Turkey sausage and mozzarella, doesn’t that sound yummy?

The second one is: Turkey sausage with kale and chickpeas. Chickpeas are also known as garbanzo beans and are used to make humus. I love garbanzo beans and lucky me I have four cans of them in my cupboard, now I just need the rest of the ingredients.
The third and final one: Are Greek meatballs. I enjoy Greek food, I would love to find a recipe for mouska, but I haven’t found one yet. Goat cheese, Greek oregano, doesn’t that just make your mouth water? Mine sure is.
What yummy food have you been making for yourself this week?

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