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Tenth Avenue North

The last concert/show I went to was the summer of 2009 when I went to see Tori Amos and at that time I was not breathing so well and I was with a negative person in my life. Despite that, I loved the show. Strange how life changes in a blink of an eye and you gain new perspectives that changes how you view life. At the Tori concert I was at the beginning of my battle and at this concert I am farther ahead and now have a wheel chair and positive people in my life.

All day yesterday as the time approached to go the Rolling Hill’s Church I kept having these negative thoughts pop up that I shouldn’t go. I shouldn’t even attempt to go because of my breathing issues and the fact that I have to use a wheel chair just to have me go long distances. Instead of relenting to the thoughts I chose instead to ask God to help me to because I knew that deep down inside I wanted to go. I am glad that I went.

We got there while Rent Collective Experience was playing their last song, and I enjoyed the song even if in the middle of it they wanted people to jump up and down. Cali, Catalina, and I weren’t able to jump so we just held our hands together and jumped with our arms, but our feet stayed firmly on the ground. Then Audrey Assad came on stage and blew me away. Then of course Tenth Avenue North came on stage and played amazingly well. What touched me the most was when the lead singer told his story about how when he was a junior in high school he was in a car accident and his back were broken. He was playing soccer at the time and while he was recovering he asked his parents for a guitar and he started writing songs and playing music. Now 12 years later he is doing this. What a story, something I needed to hear. I cannot imagine breaking my back, but I do know what it is like to be immobile and unable to do things you once were able to. No wonder a lot of their songs touch my heart. Before going to the show and hearing his testimony I did not know what inspired him to write songs such as “Healing Begins”, “You Are More”, or “Worn” off their new album “The Struggle. If you have not had a chance to hear their music, I suggest you do so. You might also want to check out Audrey Assad and Rend Collective Experience too.

This woman enjoyed herself a lot.

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