And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

~ Philippians 1:6, NLT

Once again what I expected to happen with my surgery is not what happened. I was supposed to be getting a bigger T-tube placed and shorten because Dr. Hillel thought the T-tube was hitting my voice box. Wrong, nope my voice box is experiencing inflammation which is causing it to grow bigger and it is hitting the t-tube. I woke up with a long trach and stitches around it to keep it in place. I feel like I have swallowed a porcupine. I feel like I have gone backwards. Dr. Hillel my ENT and Dr. Gardner my Rheumatologist are collaborating to make the best plan for me. I am going back into surgery on Monday so that they can have a sample to test for IgG4 disease and then I am starting taking other IV drugs to help me.
I am processing through my emotions; the ENT told me that I have one of the worse throats out there. How do you respond to that? Granulations were found around my voice box and around the T-tube when Dr. Allen and Dr. Hillel took it out on Wednesday. The plan, right now they are giving me Solumedrol to help reduce the inflammation enough to do a biopsy on Monday morning for my Rhemy doctors. Also the Solumedrol helps with allergic reactions to Ritaxmab, which I have had before. The will be putting an uncuffed trach in so that I can communicate verbally. I am happy about that. This song illustrates how I am feeling at the moment.
I am feeling tired.
I am feeling angry.
I am feeling a deep sense of disappointment.
I am feeling rather bruised up. ( Wednesday night in the ICU the nurse would put in an IV and then try to get fluids in or take blood out and it would not work. I got poked three times before I could get one. My arms are bruised.)
I am feeling thankful.
I have a set of roller coaster emotions.

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