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Six Months Please

My heart began racing after coming home from my chemo treatment. I had such a good day then this happened. I of course went to the ER, I hate going to the ER. I hate having all these ailments that plaque my body, but I am still fighting to live a life.

My heart rate was between 100-119 beats and my blood pressure was 190/85. I had burning in my chest, racing heart, and a headache, not a good feeling. Since I started chemo treatment of Rituximab and it can mess with your heart they were worried. I had a bunch of blood work. The nurse Renea was amazing, just poked me once. It is amazing what excites me anymore. Being poked just once to get an IV is one of those things. Of course, I had to go get a contrast dye injected into my IV in order to get a CT Scan done, what happens the vein explodes. My arms were up over my head and when it exploded I got squirted in my face. Not a fun experience. I now have a Popeye arm. My left arm I hard as a rock. Thankfully the new IV held up and it did not explode. My veins are tired. I am tired. I didn’t get home until 2 AM and went to bed at 3 AM. The reason for the rapid heart palpations was the fact that I took 130 MG of steroids and the Rituximabe chemo infusion and my blood sugars elevated to 251.

I am praying that God provides me with at least 6 months of rest. I got some amazing news. One, I am participating with the Salvation Army Christmas Telethon on December 8th and after that I am running off to the beach with my friends Summer, Linda, and Karen for a few days. I so need this vacation and I am excited. I already made arrangements for a ride to Longview so that I can do this. I just have to arrange this with Addus and my caregivers for that time period. Thank you so much everyone for your prayers and support throughout this strange, unknown, and debilitating journey that I am on. I am still here. I also started my 90 day Bible Study with Beth Moore yesterday with my sister in law. I have realized that I need to restore some relationship issues that I have with men in my life. I mid as well start with the one man who is in my life and who is standing with me all the time, Jesus. I realize I do not know him well, what I know is based on what others think or know about him, not what I know. I mid as well start and begin healing that relationship first before I can do it with other males in my life or who may come around, right? Remember to breathe today.

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