Four Amazing cookbooks that I found for free from Amazon for Kindle, it solved my dilemma of what to make for my crockpot and what herbs to use. I love Dobbins book, because I am passionate and fascinated with spices and herbs. My dream is to one day have a giant herb garden with all the herbs and spices there are in the world. I know, a big pipe dream, but that is what I would want, along with a cottage.

“Slow Cooker In A Flash” Amy Clark

When I saw Rosemary in her book, I thought I want to get a Rosemary bush to grow indoors. There are certain smells that I love Lavender, Rosemary, basil, and peppermint. And of course, who cannot resist the smell of vanilla, but my favorites are the four I listed above. I can’t smell right now due to the fact that I have my Jaxton Trach in. The reason my smell is affected is because the smell glands go up and down the throat, not just the nose. I didn’t know that until I asked my ENT about it. I have learned so much about the human body on this journey of mine. Including the voice box and the physics of it all, let me tell you if you knew how it works you would never ever again not use your voice. Since I probably have you intrigued and curious I should tell you. The voice box sounds like a small squeak and the way you let it boom out is the echo chamber called your head. That is how you have your voice. It all works together to make you who you are, the whole body is constructed that way. Isn’t that a miraculous thing God created? He knew exactly what he was doing and how to make everything work together, no wonder the bodies mentioned a lot in the bible and working together.

“Family Favorites: Slow Cooker Meals” Sarah J. Larson

Since I have made a decision to start eating better I wanted some recipes instead of my old boring standbys. Lucky for me there were some amazing slow cooker recipe books out there and even a casserole one. No, I am not the type of person who doesn’t like to eat the same thing a few days in the row, even if I did, I can freeze many of these things for a later time. Since I get exhausted easily, slow cooker recipes and casserole recipes would be an ideal thing to make instead of relying on TV dinner, chips, and junk to fulfill my hunger issues.

“Casserole Recipes” Alexander Marriot

I may not follow the recipes they have suggested to a T, but I enjoyed looking at it and getting ideas for my new quest. Eating differently, eating real food and not junk. As for the spices and herbs book, I wet my appetite and passion for exploring herbs and spices again and even trying my hand at cultivating them. Even if I can’t smell them anymore the joy of knowing they are in my possession and growing and nurturing my body, as well as my soul will be sufficient until I can bury my nose in them and inhale their amazing fragrance. And even yet, the visitors that I have can enjoy their fragrance and healing properties too. I bet that Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, and Basil all have healing qualities for the smell. I know Basil does, because currently I am rubbing basil oil around my stoma to help my throat. It is supposed to help with inflammation. I will let you all know if it works. I am looking forward to the day when I can rejoice with a loud booming voice I am in remission and I am inflammatory free.

“Healing Herbs And Spices” Lee Anne Dobbins

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