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The Artist Way

“The Artist Way” Julia Cameron

A twelve week program to unblock your inner creative and boy did it. The first step was writing “the morning pages”; actually what I would call it was journaling. Cameron gives you questions to reflect on and answer in your morning pages. The only thing I did not do in the whole program was the artist adventures. A few things were hitches for me, one, I could not think of what to do for an outing without needing a ride from someone and these things you have to do alone.

I did discover a lot about what makes me who I am in doing her program. I have noticed that my writing has changed in how I journal, what I am writing about in my blog. If you noticed my posts have been a lot more reflective, deeper, and you can blame it on Cameron’s book and the fact that I am writing a lot in my journal and some of those thoughts have been ideas for posts.

I recommend any artist, and I truly do mean any artist from painters, writers, crafters, anyone one creative to do this twelve week program. Especially if you want to freely create those passionate aspirations that come from deep down in your soul and from God, because if you keep those things deep down inside of you blocked, then that creates unhappiness and unnecessary pain. You will not be able to have intimate relationship with God, yourself, and others if you are blocked.

How do you explore your creativity?

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