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Home Sweet Home!

A short post today, for I went and had my Rituximab infusion treatment today.
Everything went well; I only had to be poked once. Strange what excites this woman nowadays. I was started at 25 units and slowly increased to 200 units. At 200 units is when I started having a small problem. My chest burned in my lung area, so I checked my oxygen and it was down to 88 percent. I called my nurse and she decreased it to 100 units to get my body back into balance and then got me some oxygen. Thankfully we increased it to 150 units until I was done for the day. I got done at 4:30.

I enjoyed my time with my sister in law and I started my Beth Moore 90 study on Jesus. I have been procrastinating reading this book since I bought it a year ago, but I knew I needed to read it and learn more about Jesus.
I am off to check my emails, eat my TV dinner, and chocolate kisses, and relax. I am so appreciative of everyone’s support and love throughout this entire process. You cannot imagine how awesome it feels to be loved by God this much and by those around me. Good night and sleep well.

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