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Being inspired is an experience of joy: We feel completely connected to God and totally on purpose; our creative juices flow and we bring exceptionally high energy to our daily life. We’re not judging others or ourselves-we’re uncritical and unbothered by behaviors or attitudes that in uninspired moments are frustrating. Our heart sings in appreciation for every breath, and we’re tolerant, joyful, and loving.” Wayne Dyer

Inspiration is on my mind this morning as I am writing this sitting in my comfortable bed with a peacefully sleeping cat at my feet. I found a workbook that I did in 2006 when at the time was miserable and I had a turbulent relationship with a friend who I thought hung the moon, but turns out he didn’t and I was delusional.
The workbook you might wonder is “The Simple Abundance Companion” Sarah Ban Breathnach. I actually wrote in the book and did the assignments each week. Reading through it last night I asked myself who in the hell is this Jamie? I quickly realized that in the last 6 years I have changed. I am not that same Jamie. I quickly decided that it is time to do the assignments each week again. I finished doing “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron a few weeks ago and I found the creative artist inside of my soul that had been blocked by misconceptions. Instead of writing in my book I wrote in my journal. And I can do it again with “The Simple Abundance Companion”, right? That is exactly what I did last night.

Inspiration, synchronicity, and joy seem to be all seamed together into a tapestry of what I like to call hope. This morning when I woke up and I do what I have done every morning for the last 14 weeks grab my journal and then drink at least a liter of water with my morning medications. I had a thought that I should put the Q-Gong DVD that my sister Carri gave me two years ago into my TV set and do the exercises. That maybe it was time I do this, but I am still in the unsure stage of movement. I have the desire, the want to, but the fear of hurting me even worse lingers in the back of my brain. What happened is this; suddenly my TV set turned on. I was in my room and so was Nicholas. I felt inspired to put down my journal and pen, then put the DVD in and do the workout. This particular Q-Gong DVD work on the healing of the body and that is why Carri gave it to me years ago while I was in the midst of figuring out what the heck my body was doing. Even though I couldn’t stand throughout the whole thing, I had to sit in my wheel chair, I could still do the breathing, and I could still move my arms and waste. I still felt that my body benefitted from doing the movements. At the end, I was surprised it was over with. I happen to like Lee Holden’s voice. He has a soothing voice and I like how he says to move like water.

Inspiration can come to us in many different forms, as I wrote above, with a sudden turning on of a TV set. I know that was God telling me to get off of my butt and it was time to move my body. Then of course, when I read day two of my 21 day Anti-inflammatory book it says “You are vital and alive”. How fitting is that for me to hear. I am vital and I am alive. I am still able to move. I am still able to write. I am still able to take a deep breath all the way into my lungs and then release it. It may look different and feel different than the average person, but I can still do it.

What miraculous sightings of inspiration has God put on your path lately? Do you dismiss them or do you do them? How do you feel afterwards?

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