This week marks the anniversary of when I got my favorite furry companion Nicholas. I received the gift of Nicholas from my niece in November 2010, three years ago. Hard to believe that I have had my furry friend for that long and how he completes my life seems with him in it.

Nicholas was a feral kitty that my niece found with his sisters. My niece has a soft spot for critters and she takes them in and loves them, cares for them, and finds them great homes. Nicholas was her favorite and she had a hard time giving him up. I knew in 2010 I needed a furry companion. I wanted a dog. I am a dog lady, cats I tolerated them, but they annoyed me. Seeing my nieces sad face, seeing Nicholas sitting on her lap I made the decision to take him and be his new friend. The best decision I have ever made in my life.

What I love about Nicholas is that no matter what my condition he loves me anyway. When I am spitting up gunk out of my trach, blowing on him when we snuggle from an odd spot, or smell funny due to being in the hospital or the chemo infusion he still snuggles me and loves me anyway. Humans do not do that, they are grossed out by the fact I am spewing gunk out of my throat. They run, he doesn’t.

Another thing that he does is he talks to me; he meows at me every time I walk through the door. He sits at the door and greets me with his voice. I love verbal critters. He also squeaks like one of those squeeze toys when he is extremely happy. One morning this week I woke up early and was sitting on my bed journaling when he started running around my apartment. He stopped to look me deep in my eyes and meowed at me, then ran off, then did it again several times. I thought he needed food and water, but that was not it. He was telling me he loves and that he is happy I am breathing. That made me happy.

Thank you God and my niece for my furry friend and I know that I made the best decision when I received the gift of Nicholas.

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