Wednesday I got a special surprise from an unexpected source. While waiting for my sister in law to arrive to take me to an appointment. I let in a neighbor in the secure doors because her hands were full. She proceeds to let me pick out a bottle of fingernail polish from her bag and I choose the color Pretty In Hot Pink as my choice. I love pink. Can’t you tell?

I painted my toe nails the color and I love it. My caregiver painted my fingernails. I match. I have not painted my toe nails in a while or my finger nails. When I painted my finger nails it was the color Uptown Pink and I also have a bottle of Glitter Red both of these are N.Y.C and the new one is Sally Hansen both are quick dry. I now have my finger nails and my toe nails painted thanks to the help of my caregiver.
I feel good. I feel like a lady with my nails painted. Strange how doing something so simple can make me feel like I am alive and thriving.

What self-care do you do that makes you feel joyful? How often do you do it?

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