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Powerful Prayers During Challenging Times

“Powerful Prayers For Challenging Times” Jackie M. Johnson

While at the University Of Washington Medical Center Rest Ministries advertised a free book download for Jackie M. Johnson’s book “Powerful Prayers For Challenging Times” which I quickly downloaded onto my Kindle for my PC. Seemed appropriate since at that moment I am having a challenging time, I devoured it while waiting for doctors to come in and get the Chemo drug Ritaxmab started and for my sister Carri to get there to support me during the difficult process of infusion.

I love the fact that she put a lot of heart felt scriptures into the book that gave comfort and an amazing insight into the different challenges that people face in their lives. My challenges are not necessarily what someone else is going to be experiencing, because after all we are different and have a unique experience that God wants each one of us to have.
I would recommend reading this book to gain a new perspective on praying and especially those times when challenges happen that make you want to crawl under a rock and say screw this I give up. Right now I feel extremely challenged in that I am weaker than I normally am and I hate feeling this way at all. I hate feeling grumpy.

Working on my attitude! What are you doing today?

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