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Why Do I Blog?

A question is going around Facebook, other blogs about illnesses, and the World Wide Web, why do you blog about being ill?

I have decided that I am going to answer this question. The reason I started Jamie Chases Butterflies wasn’t for me to become some famous writer, it was a way for me to share my story with my family and friends. You see I have a trach, and talking is a challenge. Making numerous phone calls, texts, emails just was a big pain in the ass, so I decided that I wanted to have one spot with one URL address that I can send those who are interested in my thoughts, pain, idea, and my voice there to read and see what makes me tick. It gives me a change to voice my anger at the doctors, not knowing what my body is doing, the struggles, things that inspire me, things that piss me off, things that make me go deeper into thought. If people choose to read great, if not, then that is okay. It is just a way for me to give myself a voice in a safe place that is mine.

What has surprised me since I have started honestly writing about my struggles, books I have read or are reading, music, quotes, and other thoughts that pass through my brain is that there are people who I do not know who are actually reading it. Yes, they do not make comments, but it is nice to know someone is reading it and that I am in some way helping give them a voice of their frustration too. I know that my team appreciates being able to have one place that they can choose to read with my updates and not get a zillion texts messages from me on their phone. They can go read and know hey Jamie is alive and breathing.

Everyone has their reason for blogging, mine was just a simple one. I have several blogs that I enjoy reading. Chronically Creative by my friend Emily who writes about her artistic projects she creates while being ill, I love that she still creates even when she feels awful and she fights on with her art. I love that she likes feeling like a beautiful woman. I have that same desire too.

Rest Ministries: started by Lisa Cogan who shares scriptural insight about her struggles and others who struggle with attitudes while being ill. I love the fact they share amazing books, webinars, and other amazing tips that help everyone.
These are just a few of the blogs I read and that I enjoy a lot. What blogs do you read and why do you blog?

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