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Rainy Days And Mondays!

“I now know what it is to feel as vulnerable as a human being can feel. I was ready to become dependent on others’ care, which, for someone as independent as I am, was no comfort. Having to say if this what I must accept, so be it, can feel like chewing glass, but not being able to accept what you cannot change is like having to swallow those shards of glass. I know this to be true from the depths of my soul.” Caroline Myss

Saturday evening my heart monitor I was supposed to wear for 14 days fell off, then Sunday my right foot swelled up on the top of my foot. I have not had a flare up in months. Flares ups are when my joints swell up and I gained 40 pounds of water weight in a matter of a couple of days and even sometimes it includes my stomach hurting to where I end up throwing up. Not fun and not pleasant. The Hydrochloriquine and the other treatments I get usually keep it balanced.

The week I was on my vacation with the Christmas Angel Telethon and then spending time with friends at Seaside Oregon I over ate. I ate sugary things that I do not normally eat. Such as ice cream, cake, frozen yogurt, pie, candy, and I know from my own experience sugar doesn’t just cause blood sugars to skyrocket, but it also causes inflammation in the body. I feel bloated and swollen. Even though my body isn’t happy with my decisions, I know that my mind and soul loved spending time with several amazing friends that brighten up my soul. The fact that I was able to be productive and aide in the telethon brought me a sense of “hey I can have a life despite my body falling apart” I just have to balance it out with what I eat and how many breaks I have to take and how I move. I can’t be the full force wonder woman I once was.

Another thing I did not continue to do while on my vacation was Qi-gong. Qi-gong is a form of exercise I can do that is healthy for my joints and my breathing issues. When I got home I was hoping to include my Extreme Makeover Exercise DVD into the mix. One day do Qi-gong the next do the Extreme Makeover. Exercising daily is something I know I must do for the well-being of my body, mind, and soul. I was doing Qi-gong daily in the mornings before Myron came for three weeks then I took a vacation where I stopped doing it. Why is it when you go on a vacation I stop doing the things that are healthy for me and chose to eat the junk and not move my body? I am frustrated with that aspect of myself. When you fall off a horse the only logical choice is to get back on the horse and start again. And that is exactly what I will be doing. I am choosing to take loving care of my body, mind, and soul whatever that entails.

What things help your body and how often do you do them? Do you ever fall off the horse and how do you get back on the horse?

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