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Merry Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas is not something I normally do, but this year was a bit different for me. Christmas Eve I went to a candle light service where the congregation sang “Silent Night”, “Away In A Manger”, and “Joy To The World” all Christmas songs that I remember singing when I was a kid.

Afterwards I went to my brother’s home to have dessert and to play board games. I enjoy playing board games, not because I am a competitive person, but because I enjoy the interaction with people I am playing with. On the way to their house we stopped by this one house that put Peacock Lane in Portland Oregon to shame. I haven’t had the opportunity to drive around and look at the lights in a long time and so I enjoyed looking at this one house.

For gifts, I was surprised by a couple of them. One from a neighbor gift cards for Pet Smart and Target. Then the sub caregiver brought me a bag of delicious cookies, walnuts, and candies from Russia.

Yes, my Christmas doesn’t look like those I am reading on Face book with a big fancy dinner, opening up massive amounts of presents, but I enjoyed some worship time, though holding a candle with a paper catcher is not something I would recommend to anyone. I value and appreciate those in my life who have touched me with kind words, small tokens of gifts, and opportunities to aide them in their own healing.

Merry Christmas and I hope you see the value in each other and know that God provides for all.

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