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A Fabulous Getaway!

Packing and getting ready to hit the road to head up to Longview for the Salvation Army Telethon I had my worries and doubts about my own body and capabilities. This was the first time I had stayed away from home for a week and was more active than I had been since I got sick. Going on this big adventure was a test to see if I one I could do this, two how my body would react to it, and three if I could make a positive influence on the environment I was in. Success was achieved in all three areas.

First, the Salvation Army Christmas Angel Telethon was a big success. We had great acts, interviewers and interviewees, and I was able to dig out my managerial skills which have been buried for a long time. I am capable of signing the bands in, telling them where to go, and getting them up on that stage. I actually enjoyed my job. I had great co-workers who gave it their all and when you love and like the people you work with it makes it so much easier. When Summer and Karen are done editing it will be broadcasted on KLTV again and of course, next year there will be another one, so mark your calendars and stay tune. I made it the 24 hours without sleep. I was bloated, my legs were swollen, and my trach needed to be cleaned out before I hit the sack the next morning, but I made it without a hitch. What hit me the most while being at the telethon was on December 8th, 2011 I had my disastrous surgery and here I am at in Longview working and breathing. I feel truly blessed.

My body reacted well to the extra stress of not being able to sleep, sitting, and moving around. I just had to go slow and take my time. I had to put my feet up, because my ankles swelled up, but I wasn’t overly tired. When I was I went to bed, sometimes unannounced, but I went to bed and slept for 8 hours straight a few nights. I hadn’t done that since I had my trach and that felt great. I enjoyed my beach trip with Linda and Summer after the telethon. Karen wasn’t able to make it due to her stressful job, but I did enjoy staying at her place. Karen is a wonderful lady with an infectious laugh. I enjoyed my time with Summer too and her homemade cooking and our talks about laugh. She is a fabulous friend, so is Karen. Being in Longview brought that all to light. My thoughts are why in the world did I move away from those that love and support me through anything?

I enjoyed my time and I now know that I am capable of anything once I put my mind to it. God has my back and so does my family and friends.

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