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The Horse Boy

On November 30th while driving up to Seattle for my medical appointment at the University of Washington my sister in law and I listened to “The Horse Boy” by Rupert Isaacson on CD. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, so much so that I borrowed the discs from my SIL so that that I could finish the story.

Rupert Isaacson takes his autistic son Rowan on a journey through Mongolia to receive healing from the Shamans there. A miracle happened, his son started improving his autistic symptoms, plus regaining a relationship with his wife Kristin and trusting his inner intuition.

Why I enjoyed the story is because one of my friend has two autistic boys, each one of them is rates different on the scale and I know that she struggles and the story touched my heart and have deep compassion for what all parents go through in watching helplessly as their children suffer from something they cannot help them with. I love that Rupert the father of Rowan took such great interest, joy, and showed his son love. He didn’t abandon him, he didn’t beat him up emotionally or physically because of not understanding what his son was doing which didn’t make sense to anyone. I love that he trusted his intuition and went on the journey to Mongolia with his son and wife despite his wife’s trepidation. I love that he took the healing of the horses and started a foundation to help others. It is amazing how animals help with the healing process.

There is film of this awesome adventure. I have not seen it, but I want to. Perhaps, I will get it and share it with my friend who has two amazing autistic children. If anyone has seen this film, let me know how it is and share how this story touched your life.

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