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I started a big project to coincide with my myfitnesspal. I have a pininterest account and I have been spending the last year pinning healthy recipes that I find from Oprah, WebMD, and Eat Better America on my board called Good Eats. I have also pinned from other participants too.

I have been pinning these amazing looking recipes to this board for a year and it is time I write them down and put them to good use. I have 227 recipes pinned on there and I know writing them all down on index cards is going to take me awhile. I am skipping the desserts. I don’t need the sweet treats at all.

I enjoy cooking and it is time I started enjoying that aspect of who I am by trying out new recipes that I have taken the time to save, right? That is my plan and I am inspired to do so. The reason I am inspired is that since I started taking the 100 MGs of Azapathrine instead of the 50MG and also watching what I am sticking in my mouth my inflammation has gone down in my arm and feet. That makes me happy. That lets me know that I am making the correct choice and listening to my body is always the correct choice. When you are allergic to a food group or a certain type of food you avoid it. Well apparently eating too much sugar and a lot of junk I am allergic too. It causes me to inflame and so I must avoid it at all costs.

I copied down 17 recipes today so far. I plan on doing all of them on my board and I have well over a hundred. The three that interest me this time is the “Irish Chicken and Dumplings” and “Greek Pasta” and Spanakopita (Spinach pie). I shall be trying these recipes out soon. I enjoy Greek food. I have not had Greek food in a long time, so why not make it myself instead of paying for a good meal that is how I feel about Italian food too.

I also found some healthy versions of pizza. The only thing is that I need to buy me a pizza pan, sad but true. I do not own one. In fact, I have found while writing down the recipes that I need a lot of different kitchen equipment, but I will make do with what I got until I can afford what I would love to have in my kitchen.
Progress is being made and in only two days’ time I have noticed a difference.
Do you listen to your body when it is letting you know something is not agreeing with it? What do you do about it?

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  1. Hey Jamie! I am so happy your inflammation is subsiding!

    Can you share some of your recipes with me? Karen has decided to train for a 5K run in March and we both need to drop some poundage. I told her if she went to the gym 3 times per week starting Monday and we went for a walk every day and I kept trying to make yummy food with less salt and sugar and fat that I think it would be conceivable that she might finish her run and not stroke out…and I would feel better too!

    I don’t follow clubs…not my nature but I am inspired by your success and encouragement!

    I love you! I am so glad you are doing better!

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