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Praise My Lord

“All praise be yours, my Lord, through all that you have made, and first my Lord Brother Sun, who brings the day; and light you give to use through him. How beautiful he is, how radiant in all his splendor! All praise be yours, my Lord through Sister Moon and Stars; In the heavens you have made them bright and precious and fair. All praise be yours, my Lord, through Sister Earth, our mother, who feeds us in her sovereignty and produces various fruits and colored flowers and herbs. All praise be yours, my Lord through Sister Death, from whose embrace no mortal can escape.”
Francis Of Assisi

I have had three near death experiences in my 38 years of life. One when I was six years old and two in my thirties. All of them altered my life radically. Forever changing how I view life. Relationship is the most important thing and if you think about it everything relates. Relationship is vital in making business’ successful. When working on your health relationship with your own body and those who you choose to be on your team to help you takes relationship. In order for our bodies to work properly each part has relationship with the other, when one body part is out of whack, what happens? The other parts take over in order to help it work. It is relational. We are relational beings. God c
reated us to be that way. We are not solitary. We cannot conquer the world without having relationship with someone. How we choose to be in relationship is up to us and thankfully God provided us a guideline to help us to have a healthy one with Him, ourselves, and others.

What does having a relationship mean? I am one of those individuals that believe that each person has their own definition of what a relationship means. Even if the definition is not healthy, you still have one. To some it means that it is all about them and they are narcissist in how they interact with others. They do the bare minimum to keep the other person hooked. I am going to share my definition and perhaps it is time to think about what your definition is.

To me when I am in a relationship whether it is with my brother, sisters, friends, doctors, nurses, or a companion it is all the same. I am giving to them and they are giving to me. We are sharing our joys, pains, sorrows and we are respecting each other’s boundaries. There is a give and take aspect of the relationship. When it is an acquaintance I act different I do not share my life as much, but I do treat them with respect. I do my part is listening and speaking my wise words when it is appropriate and I work on leaving my ego out. The ego is that part of you who wants to be right, who no matter how much it hurts the other person wants to take the club of your knowledge and bash them in the head with it. I may know differently than what others in my life know, but I have chosen to allow them to be who they are and at times I do say you know that just isn’t right, but I am choosing to it gracefully. Though, I do fail at it a lot of the time. Especially when it is someone I care a lot about and I see them walking off a cliff and I know they will get hurt.
I told one of my sisters that I value our relationship and she did not know how to respond. Because know one has ever told her that before. I find that we do not say that to each other enough. Saying I value your relationship, not merely saying I love you is important. Jesus showed us he valued us. He chose to not fight back when the Roman guards grabbed him and tortured him. He allowed it to happen and then He did the ultimate thing He died for us. He now only showed us He valued us, He told us too in when He said I forgive you. How awesome is that? Do you value yourself, your body, your relationships, even the people who drive you bonkers? Do you show and tell them that?

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