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Attack Of The Stones

I am home from Longview. I enjoyed my trip and time away. I am exhausted, but feeling good. I will be going to Longview every three weeks to be the secretary of Living Ministries and to see my family and friends while I am there. My hope, my new quest is to move back there because while I am there I feel at peace there. I feel less constrained. My support system is there and I need to be there. I have an amazing support of friends who are helping me work towards that goal. I am blessed.

As for my doctor appointment for today, I have some new challenges to face. One is I have 4 stones in my gallbladder I am not exactly sure what will be happening next, but at least I know why I have been having my stomach episodes lately. I like the technician who took pictures of my gallbladder, pancreas, and liver. He let me see it, pointed out the stones, and said that it looks clear to him but he is not the doctor. The second challenge is my doctor will be seeing if I can get into pulmonary rehabilitation to help me get my butt moving, which is something I am and have wanted to do for so long. I have never heard of pulmonary rehabilitation and that is one of the reasons I love my doctor. She has always stepped up to the plate and lead me to the right Otolaryngologist, and other help that I have needed. I am blessed.

Pulmonary rehabilitation in case you don’t know what it is includes:
Exercise training
Nutritional counseling
Education about what your health problem is
Energy-conserving techniques
Breathing strategies
Psychological counseling and group support

My doctor gave me a print out of what it is and what is included. I should be hearing back from someone within two weeks. Progress a step in the right direction.

This week has been long and a lot of different activities every day. I won’t get a chance to rest until Sunday. Saturday my family and I will be celebrating my mom’s 81st birthday at the Electric Bean in Longview. It will be fun.
Have a great day.

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