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Loving My Body

I have been taught by my family, the church I grew up in, and even society to hate my body. With my birth family my mom would often say some horrid things to me about my body, make me feel guilty for even being a lovely girl. Then I got with my adoptive family after my mom passed away when I was 13 and I was taught that God thought it was arrogant, selfish, and a sin to love my body and therefore myself. Then of course, society’s view of what beauty is full of illusions. I ended up hating my body, therefore hating myself.

God created me, He chose to die for me, and He chose to be a big part of my life. Why can’t I appreciate and show love towards my body? Taking good care of my body by eating correctly, moving correctly, and getting the gutter mind illusions out of my mind is all a part of loving my body. When you hate your body and therefore yourself you don’t do these things at all. You lay and wallow and you beat yourself up continuously. I have beaten myself up for years and years. God still loves me anyway.

My question for you my dear readers is how do you love your body? In what ways do you show appreciation, respect, and nurturing towards your body? How does God love you and show you that love?

My answer to these questions I proposed is this: I love my body when I am eating nutritious foods that feed my body and in the proper amounts. I show appreciation by moving, by journaling, and keeping my mind out of the gutter of illusion. God shows me His love for me by guiding me towards those things that are healthy and standing beside me when I don’t do such healthy things and not beat me up about it either.

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