Yesterday was a challenging day, actually the whole week was. Every single day I had something to do and even today I have something to do. I am tired, but I feel good at the same time about what I am accomplishing. It is a bit of a contradiction, but sometimes things in life are that way.

My doctor appointment with my primary went well, got some news about what my stomach has been doing. It turns out it isn’t my stomach, it is my gallbladder. The gallbladder is the part of the body that breaks up the fat and distributes it throughout the body. Turns out I have 4 stones and an enlarged bile duct. The bile helps the stomach digest food. My primary wants me to see a surgeon to see about getting my gallbladder removed. Another surgery, I was hoping to wait six months for surgery. It has only been three months, and it isn’t on my throat, but still I hate having my body being in disarray for a period of time of healing. I am awaiting that phone call.
The positive thing is that it will only be a one day surgery. I can go home the same night. The only thing is I will need to find someone willing to spend the night with me or I can spend with them, but I know that will work its self out. One thing I have noticed throughout my journey is that with every single step I have taken in taking care of my body God has been there with me, guiding me to where and who I need to help me fix the issue.
I am also looking forward to rehabilitation so that I can get my body moving so I can get more weight off. I have been unable to move for a long time. If I knew how to breath and move in my condition that would enable me to get a lot more done in my life.

This afternoon I got to head to Longview again where my family and I celebrated my mom’s 81st birthday finally. Her birthday is actually the 3rd of January, but due to one sister living in Phoenix Oregon and a bunch of other things we celebrated it today at the Electric Bean.

I am tired and looking forward to a Sunday of rest.
Enjoy your evening!

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