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Did Someone Say Gallbladder?

I got all my staples out of my belly. I am so happy, I feel like doing a belly dance, but I will spare you the visual image of me swinging my belly back and forth in excitement. Yes, I hurt, the staples make the wounds hurt worse and now I have a bandage on all 6 holes for seven more days and then I am free and clear. That makes me happy. I have had a sick gallbladder for a long, long time, years and now my body is able to work right. That makes me happy.


I had what is called Chronic Cholecystitus and Cholelithiasis gallbladder not a typical gallbladder issue, but hey we are talking about someone who is fighting an unnamed auto-immune disease and still alive and kicking right? This news didn’t surprise me. Neither did the surgery.

Dr. Sunshine, (yes that is his real last name and I have his business card to prove that I am not making this up) and Dr. Slovic both excellent surgeons took my gallbladder out and I feel a lot better. They couldn’t perform the surgery laproscopically. They started to but then they had to cut me open right at my belly button. Yep, I have a wound right at the opening of my belly button and that is where the pain is located. Now that the staples are gone and not pulling it is a lot better, more tolerable for me. I have a high endurance for pain and this was one pain that the medications they gave me did not help if that tells you anything. When I would lie down to try and sleep it pulled and made it difficult to sleep even with the Trazadone, so frustrating, but now I am happy to say tonight might be better with no staples.

While at the doctor office I picked up a pamphlet about fiber. I love it because it has the amount of fiber found in each food item from beans to fruits and I like that information. I can make healthier choices with that information.
I am still healing, but I am closer to being healthier in mind, body, and soul than I ever was.

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